Does your child like Math?

Many children struggle in math class because they don't like math. Math seems intimidating to them. However, Math is one of the most fun and crucial subjects to learn.

Do you feel like your child doesn't like Math?

Does your child practice Math problems regularly?

Learning Math is like doing exercise. If your child doesn't practice Math routinely, they will never be able to build the brain muscles to solve Math problems intuitively.

Do you feel like your child doesn't practice Math regularly?

If Yes. Continue reading to learn why:

Foundation Mastery Method

Learning math works like a domino. It builds upon one after another foundation. If one foundation is missing, students keep struggling with the following foundations. That's why they dislike Math and don't find any fun in solving math. identifies foundation gaps for your child and teaches them all the foundations through our innovative Foundation Mastery Method. First, we teach them fun ways to solve complex Math problems. Then they can connect with Math and solve Math problems like solving puzzles.


Entirely Online

Our curriculum is designed entirely online. Therefore, students can learn in their own time at home. No commute. No time clash.

LIVE Support Class

Students will regularly meet with their teacher in small online classes to clear their doubts and ask questions. We will keep eye on your child's progress.

Diagnostic Exams

We conduct detailed diagnostic tests of every student to identify their Math Foundation Gap and provide them personalized study plan.

Learning by Doing

Our curriculum is designed with Interactive Videos, Studysheet, Worksheets, and Practice Quiz on every topic. Our students learn by solving interesting problems.

Performance Report

We don't just give scores. Instead, we create a detailed Performance Dashboard. That lets the parents and students see where the improvements are happening. Based on the performance we provide a new study plan to each student.

1 to 1 Advising

Students will get routine advising calls to excel in their performance and guidance. In addition, we will notify you about any obstacles your child is facing.

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